Therefore, when using traditional recruitment channels, you should promote the level of diversity in your team. Software engineers from Belarus are paid around $13100 annually on average. The minimum salary starts at $6200 per year and can go up to a maximum of $20500 per year. These are excellent reasons to consider this region as your point of destination.

eastern europe software engineer salary

The next highest was New York ($174k) followed by London ($124k) and Amsterdam ($101k). The highest salary for a DevOps Engineer was for those working in San Francisco ($155k). The next highest was New York ($140k) followed by London ($85k) and Amsterdam ($58k). The highest salary for a Lead Software Engineer was for those working in San Francisco ($201k). The next highest was New York ($201k) followed by London ($111k) and Amsterdam ($110k).

The UK is Europe’s dominant destination for migratory tech talent

Many of these numbers are approximations, but they give an idea of where we are. Tech is no longer a vision hype phase with the exception of a few markets such as crypto. The majority of companies are scaling up rapidly, expecting their investment in tech to pay off with high certainty. People with little to no professional experience — also referred to as entry-level engineers or juniors — are struggling to find positions. CEE is a popular destination for outsourcing software development — why is that? When preparing a cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing and hiring an in-house team, try to consider as many factors as possible.

Use the navigation drop-down below to explore remote developer salaries for specific locations within Central & Eastern Europe, and how they stack up against the regional average. Developers based in Croatia expect the highest, and Greece the lowest, salaries in this region. Use the navigation drop-down below to explore remote developer salaries for specific locations within Western Europe, and how they stack up against the regional average. Developers based in The Netherlands expect the highest, and Italy the lowest, salaries in this region. Use the navigation drop-down below to explore remote developer salaries for specific locations within Asia, and how they stack up against the regional average.

What are Cisco’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements?

This process helps us get to know you, and for you to learn about our people, culture, and business. We’ll evaluate your skills and experience against our current business needs. We’ll ask you about your academic and work experience, and you can ask questions, too. Be prepared to tell about your achievements and the value you could bring to Cisco. Don’t only apply to the best-known companies, or ones offering full-remote.

Even experienced and responsible freelancers can’t guarantee what outsourcing vendors already have covered. This region’s average monthly salary comes at $4,329 for a Junior Engineer, $6,100 for a Middle Engineer, and $7,354 for a Senior Engineer. The highest salary for a Software Engineer job was for those working in San Francisco ($129k). The next highest was New York ($133k) followed by London ($63k) and Amsterdam ($60k). Emerging Talent’s goal is to help kickstart your career, from expanding your skillset to building your network and gaining valuable experience to propel your career.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Companies hire higher-tier offshore developers and outsourcing providers for a number of reasons. Those reasons are quality of work, the simplicity of collaboration, and communication. When you hire developers in Eastern and Central European countries such as Ukraine – you opt for a reasonable decrease in the development cost without sacrificing the quality. The cost of development in Ukraine is not the cheapest one but in Ukraine, developer salary on average is proportionate to programmers’ skills. It is a relatively inexpensive outsourcing destination, but still can be twice as expensive than in countries like India and Pakistan. Yet, it is a bit lower than Mexico, Bulgaria, and China and significantly cheaper than Poland.

Software Engineering Salaries in Europe vs The United States (

So set up a home office for remote work now by following the given guidelines. Remote workers usually spend more time and work for longer hours. During excessive work and sitting, it is important to focus on your ergonomics as well. Sitting for hours on a desk and table can affect the muscles of your back, neck, and shoulders so make sure that you keep yourself physically fit during remote work. While working remotely, you are constantly sitting in one place and so it is important to keep yourself very hydrated. In men, it results in a decrease in cognitive performance whereas, in women, it degrades your mood.

Each of them translates into specific savings – either in money or in time. If you consider all of them, it may turn out that what appeared cheaper on the first sight, is more expensive in the long run. To get there, we’re putting our adventurous side to work – inventing technology, building products and designing services and experiences that enable and inspire a shift to renewable energy. At, we have one solution for businesses that are looking to streamline their recruitment process, with our cross-border, selective recruitment platform.

The software engineers Goldman Sachs cannot get enough of — eFinancialCareers

The software engineers Goldman Sachs cannot get enough of.

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Make sure the company can provide efficient knowledge transfer once the project is over. Developers from Eastern Europe have a strong command of written and spoken English that guarantees easy communication. Stong tech educational background, high English proficiency, and devotion to work make Eastern Europe a preferable global organization choice. The information javascript developers salary we offer will be useful for big corporations and medium- and small-sized businesses. Another important factor for everyday collaboration is how developers and managers in Ukraine speak English. It is commonly accepted that wages are depending on the employee’s total years of experience as they are the most reliable indicator of soft and hard skills.

Junior Software Engineer Average Salary

Below you’ll see how developers in Ukraine are ranked among developers in other countries according to those test results. Almost 40% of all Ukrainian software developers and IT professionals are located there. The data here is based on the anonymous survey received from 18 outsourcing companies in different Ukrainian cities.

eastern europe software engineer salary

The coefficient of +$150 per weekly meeting hour can be added in addition to any other management- or level-related features. As with the worldwide pattern, salaries in Europe tend to go down with time spent coding, which makes sense because time spent in meetings tends to raise salaries. Now that you know the monthly salaries of software engineers, it’s a good idea to look into the hourly rates because software outsourcing vendors and freelancers often charge on an hourly basis. While hiring developers from this market will mean good code quality and agile development processes, it’s not sustainable for most businesses. If you are a small startup or have a large project requiring thousands of person-hours, developing software in this region will quickly drain your pockets.

Hailed as the “sleeping giant,” Europe is a rising competitor in the global IT industry. The birthplace of WhatsApp, Grammarly, Gitlab, and MacPaw, Ukraine has rightfully become a popular destination for offshore software development in Eastern Europe. Keep in mind that your investment in development doesn’t stop with your product’s release. Post-release product maintenance and support is a lengthy process that includes bug fixing, software modernization, feature optimization, incident management, and user/team support. From our analysis, across the various specializations San Francisco and New York have the highest average salaries, which is obviously offset by the higher cost of living in comparison to London & Amsterdam.

It can vary in different countries, but the situation is that it definitely should be considered apart of the developer’s salary and most of the companies are doing just that. This collaboration model is used for a number of reasons, but mainly because hiring developers in an unknown location is related to some risks. Another data by DOU indicated that the number of IT specialists, on average, is growing by 10-15% each annually. Cluster 7 consists primarily of Microsoft products (in particular those in the .NET framework), and has a negative coefficient of –$1,114. The popularity of Excel in our survey suggests that Excel is an integral part of .NET developers’ toolbox, for analytics, data query, data investigation, and other uses.

Not only this, you need to have some home office productivity tools that could help you work seamlessly and automatically in certain activities. Place some green plants around your desk or table, put some photo frames and colorful pieces of art that you have made. Choose the best home office layout for productivity and make a setup in your house that serves the purpose of ultimate work culture and vibe. It will not only help you focus on core activities and tasks but also motivate the team members with your energy level. Make your work from home more exciting and productive with these simple yet affordable ideas.

Digital workflows help Bravida cut costs on a major highway project by 87%

Ukraine and Belarus are popular outsourcing destinations housing skilled and professional software developers. Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria are members of the EU, so they work according to high EU standards regarding the security measures applied to data and intellectual property. We will discuss the key facts about it, the top offshore software development Eastern Europe companies, top countries, their pros, and cons.

  • It is antagonistic to onshore development that involves outsourcing within the same country.
  • The highest salary for a Senior Data Engineer was for those working in San Francisco ($190k).
  • Once you have reach this level, salary becomes more linked to the size of company and team whom you will be leading.
  • Central Asian countries such as India and the Philippines have shown eminent contributions in the field of offshore outsourcing.
  • Still, San Francisco seems to have a higher total compensation which includes base salary, bonuses, and in some instances, equity within the tech firms.

Whereas in San Francisco a junior developer would expect to get paid almost 69% of the salary earned by a senior engineer (i.e. $88k vs $128k). If you are based in Europe, junior software developers in Amsterdam are paid more than software engineers based in London. In Ukraine, developer salary depends on various factors such as location, technology, industry, and many others. A combination of the low cost of the living and expert technical level is what makes Ukrainian software developers well-worth investment for any software company around the globe. Especially if expertise and credibility are the qualities you’re looking for in offshore staff. The hiring of an offshore software developer is a multidisciplinary task.

Where can I find high quality software developers?

The median salary of the entire EU sample was $56,000, with the middle half of all respondents earning between $35k and $80k. The latter statistic is called the interquartile range —the middle 50%—and is used to describe the salaries of particular subsets of the sample in this report and its graphs. Imagine the IQR as a bell curve or normal distribution with the left-most 25% and right-most 25% cut off. The IQR is useful for showing the middle of the salary range without the distortion of outliers in the lowest and highest quartiles.

If a language or framework has been on the market for 5-10 years, it means there are plenty of engineers who can work with them. And the popularity of a tech stack makes the development cheaper. Tech companies engineers in the USA offer better salaries than those in Europe, however when we consider living costs, the difference in marginal.

Almost all of the companies in Ukraine encourages its employees to use their free language courses so the situation with English proficiency is getting better each day. HackerRank Programming Olympics are the massive study conducted by the HackerRank – a leading hiring platform for the developers’ skills test. Over 1000 companies are using those tests to check the developers’ ability to solve complex technical challenges for their hiring process.

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Companies within these regions have the financial weight to pay out higher in all the job segments above. Directors of Engineers have the highest salaries at an average of $ 202,208 in San Francisco. Another important distinction was how people with no experience were hired in droves during the Dotcom Boom. People with no experience were snatched up on the market, thrown into teams where they learned on the job. People with no experience are struggling to find positions and remote is a root cause.

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