She asserted that Robin failed to talk about new Phoenix EC so you can the girl

Earliest, Gary shown fear of removing this new statement hooking up Khattab so you can Container Stuffed

Susan informed this new OIG you to she expected Martin and you will Robin whether or not the new FBI got one pointers indicating anyone is actually sending visitors to the us getting journey degree, however, one she is actually told zero. Martin told new OIG that he didn’t bear in mind such concern regarding Susan. Robin plus informed the OIG one to Susan never ever elevated brand new issue of if Middle Easterners was in fact training in You.S. trip schools.

We requested Susan if she had have a look at Phoenix EC while the Sep 11 and you can whether or not it might have produced a big change so you’re able to the lady opinion in regards to the Moussaoui FISA demand. Susan mentioned that she earliest look at the Phoenix EC several months immediately following September 11. She mentioned that in the event the she got have a look at Phoenix EC at the full time, she’d was indeed worried enough regarding the Moussaoui to bring the latest amount to help you a keen OIPR attorney’s attract. Centered on Susan, she often entitled OIPR attorneys “so you can jump anything out of” him or her, in place of delivering more an official FISA demand, and create question them “in which do you really believe the audience is?” Susan added that Moussaoui circumstances however could have had “the same international fuel circumstances” but the Phoenix EC could have “influenced” her.

However, she mentioned that when the she got see clearly before the fulfilling which have Martin and you will Robin, it would n’t have changed this lady advice regarding the Moussaoui FISA consult

Susan as well as told this new OIG you to definitely she wasn’t alert at the time of her interviewing Martin and Robin you to the newest Minneapolis FBI had wishing a long EC concerning the Moussaoui case. She reported that she considered that happening “was changing” as the she spoke so you’re able to Martin and Robin which she performed not understand that files was actually prepared. She told you she considered that Martin had been administered dental briefings away from Minneapolis. She asserted that she earliest turned into conscious of Henry’s EC in the . She said she appreciated believing that Martin had illustrated the details because the set forth from the EC. Susan reported that she most likely obtained a dental briefing once the Minneapolis is actually seeking to an urgent situation FISA and needed a response rapidly. She said that there is certainly absolutely nothing uncommon on choosing an oral briefing where disease. Susan told the new OIG one to she did not know within day one to Martin had currently consulted having Howard and you will Tim from the an equivalent instance.

Following the appointment with Susan towards August twenty seven, Don coached Martin to obtain the number reviewed once more because of the lead away from NSLU, Spike Bowman, by number of question raised of the Minneapolis FBI regarding Moussaoui therefore the FISA request. Martin build to own a meeting with Bowman escort Hampton the next day, August 28.

Before the meeting with Bowman, Martin began examining and you can modifying the fresh new Minneapolis FBI’s six-webpage LHM, in case the FISA consult is actually approved by Bowman. Martin e-sent an edited draft of LHM so you can Gary and you will mentioned that he had generated some improvements and you may need comments out-of Minneapolis. Martin noted that he had got rid of the newest section showing that a great CIA staff got reported that Khattab are an associate regarding Container Laden, but you to definitely Martin create “range from the foreign fuel details lso are Al-Khattab/UBL after, as soon as we get an enthusiastic [attorney] to get it argument.”

Gary answered having a lengthy elizabeth-send function ahead their concerns about Martin’s edits. Gary penned, “Evidently we have been form this upwards having inability in the event the we do not have the overseas electricity commitment completely founded into the 1st opinion.” Gary in addition to elevated questions about next made by Martin:

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