Cornelia, daughter out-of Sextus, in the some faster characters

Gaius Livanius Acutus got a keen epitaph designed for themselves and his awesome spouse. The initial title out of their girlfriend are erased and also the stone slash quite better so that the stonecutter you can expect to inscribe the name of the newest one to (right here underlined), 58 RIB 250. 59 RIB 564. 62 CIL XI. 1491/ILS 8461. 64 CIL XII. 4949.

Shape 63. Gravestone regarding Gaius Livanius Acutus along with his second wife Cornelia Maxuma whose name could have been reinscribed along side name off an early on partner. Narbonne, mid-1st millennium advertising. Muse?elizabeth Lapidaire, Narbonne

At risk below, the girl cognomen (Maxima) and her standing because their spouse was inscribed at the same day. Split up, as well as consequences to the commemoration of people, may also be seen into good funerary memorial from inside the N??mes (Fig. 64).65 On this subject altar are a couple of reports out-of family relations portraits. The major check in celebrates the happy couple Domitia . . . (title destroyed) and Gnaeus Cornelius Tanais. Towards down committee the fresh son or cousin of this kid, Gnaeus Cornelius Urbanus, are illustrated, in addition to another individual whoever face and you can inscribed name was in fact nearly completely chiselled aside. In the event it erased individual is his partner, she must have fallen right out of such as favour which have your you to definitely the latest thoughts out of this lady is actually removed. As the discussed within the Chapter 4, breakup age of one’s girlfriend away from Lucius Fabius Faustus in the epitaph from an effective tomb when you look at the Narbonne (Fig. 45).66 At some point title of your own girlfriend is actually removed, making precisely the term ‘wife’ (coniugi) undamaged. How bitter divorce proceedings and you may breakup was is portrayed better by an effective funerary inscription during the Rome one a dad authored to own his girl. It seems alternatively poor to see regarding epitaph this particular mans girlfriend (and mom of his now-dead boy) the full time adultery and you may went oV that have a couple of his submissives, by which she’s cursed of the your. He 65 CIL XII. 3564.

However, I, sad son who have now-lost a female like you, am doing it rather immediately following enjoying sixteen years of your chaste love

Contour 64. Funerary altar of first 100 years advertising of N??mes that have members of the family portraits regarding Domitia . . . (identity lost) and you can Gnaeus Cornelius Tanais (above), and you will Gnaeus Cornelius Urbanus that have another person (their partner?) whoever deal with and inscribed label had been almost completely chiselled out. Muse?age arche?ologique, N??mes

desires that his errant ex boyfriend-wife were nailed off and ate by the blazing slope.67 Pupils out-of diVerent relationships couples is actually evident from the epitaphs on the of a lot monuments from the empire. Publius Vibius Verissius, for example, faithful a memorial inside the Monferrato inside north Italy so you’re able to his second wife, new 36-year-dated Statilia Tigris. If the Wrst one can possibly enjoys defeated future, he’d possess put up this inscription from compliment. 68

This epitaph claims: O also gorgeous and constantly modest together with your husbands, you put in two relationships bedrooms, where several children had been created out-of like

A good marble slab into Tomb 55 about Isola Sacra cemetery was inscribed towards the identity away from Scantia Salvina and you will Marcus Sulpicius Fortunatus while the commemorators out of 67 CIL VI. 20905.

Scantia Salvina’s dily otherwise gens (Scantii) demonstrates Fortunatus wasn’t the daddy of this son, therefore probably Scantia Salvina try hitched otherwise had various other mate before. He had been, although not, the daddy from Sulpicia Iulitta who had been born out of his matrimony with Scantia Salvina, hence child try celebrated because of the their maternal sister that have good plaque into various other tomb (Tomb B).70 Iulius Alexsander, to begin with of Carthage, got about three sons speciWcally off his called wife from 40-seven years (get a hold of Appendix, Zero. 13; Fig. 9). They were Iulius Alexsius, Iulius Felix, and you may Iulius Gallonius. The new brands of one’s around three sons is demonstrably derived from you to definitely of the father. But not, a good ded in the epitaph. This woman is Numonia Belliosa, titled after her mother Numonia Bellia whose Celtic cognomen ways she is out-of local source. Title of the daughter shows that she might not have come Iulius Alexsander’s child, whilst inscription says one she had been fathered by him. Because the Wierschowski implies, Iulius Alexsander was a slave when she (their Wrst guy?) was born to your and his awesome popular-law wife, so that she, since the a product away from a great union not seen as an appropriate age (Numonii) out-of the woman mommy.71 The new sons, if produced once their manumission, might have been freeborn and you may legitimately eligible to need their household members name.

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